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IELTS Preparation Course
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The Standard General English and IELTS Courses run all year, from Monday to Friday.

The Standard General English and IELTS Course takes place all year round, from Wednesday to Friday 09.30-13.00. Morning lessons follow the same programme as the Standard Course. All morning courses are based on our LCE Curriculum Framework Document which has common LCE learning objectives for each level. In addition, each course is supported by a published EFL course book and its syllabus. Teachers complement this syllabus. 

Levels available: Elementary (A1), Pre-intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2) Advanced (C1). 

The IELTS classes are topic-based and follow coursebook content as well as learner training and exam techniques.

There are three afternoons a week of IELTS preparation lessons Wednesday,  Thursday and Friday 13.30 -17.00.  The course is focused on improving the students level in IELTS and developing their exam techniques. At the end of each week, students will sit one part of an IELTS exam, under exam conditions.

Levels Available: Intermediate (4.0-5.0), Upper-Intermediate (5.0-6.0), Advanced (6.0-7.5)

The minimum age is 16 and there is a maximum of 15 students per class.

An IELTS Preparation course is 18 lessons (18 hours) per week.9 hours General English in the mornings and 9 hours IELTS preparation in the afternoons. The IELTS lessons are available without the morning General English.

1 lesson in the UK = 50 minutes 

The IELTS exam in the UK costs £150-£175 depending on the location.

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