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Ongoing Preparation - Trinity GESE B1 (grade 5) speaking & listening exam
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From November 2015 anyone applying for Fast Pass-Grade 5 GESE 

This course is for learners whose English is at Entry 1 or 2 and who need to improve to the level needed for passing the Trinity GESE B1 (grade 5) speaking and listening exam. The course runs every week on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and each session is 3 hours long. You can choose morning, afternoon or evening classes to fit into your life and work.

You will complete a free level assessment at the start to check how many weeks you will need to attend..

We test you weekly, so you can see your progress and do mock exams to show when you are ready for the test.

We book the test and accompany you to the test centre in Holburn.


9 Hours Cost £150! (Was £300) * Offer ends 25/09/2018
Test: £150.00 (Admin Fee £15.00)

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualification do I need to apply for Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain?
You must have an English language qualification that is on the list of Home Office approved tests, Trinity grade 5 taken at a Secure English Language Test Centre (SELT) for Indefinite Leave to Remain or Citizenship, (IELTS, Cambridge Exams, Pearson) or you can meet the English language requirements by having a qualification which is B1 Level or higher and on the Ofqual register. You must also pass the Life in the UK general knowledge test.

What is a SELT?
SELT is an acronym for Secure English Language Tests they are exams wich assess English Language ability and are taken under specific secure conditions. Trinity SELTs are approved by UKVI, part of the Home Office, for Leave to Remain, British Citizenship (Naturalisation) and Tier 1, 2 and 4 visa categories where evidence of English language ability is a requirement.

What is the B1 test for a British passport/citizenship?
The B1 ESOL test is an English test, which is required by the UKVI if you want to apply for citizenship or a British passport. It proves your knowledge of English for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Where do I take the B1 ESOL test?
Due to changes made by the UKVI, you must now take your test at a Home Office approved SELT centre. We can book your test for you at a recognised institution.

Where can I take a Trinity SELT exam?
Trinity’s SELT exams are available at test centres across the UK. These are the centres in London, Croydon, Holborn and Hammersmith.

Where can I book a Trinity SELT exam.
We can book your exam for you and accompany you on the day. You can contact a SELT centre yourself as well. 

Do I have to take lessons or classes before I take the test?
You can take the test when you think you are ready. However, we highly recommend that you take classes to improve and practice the test before you sit the exam. We run courses to suit your level and you will get to practice the test with a teacher before you take the real thing. This way you will know what to expect on the day of your test

How can I prepare for my SELT?
We have a wide variety of resources available for each available SELT including sample papers, videos, self-study resources and publications. By attending one of our courses you maximise the possibility of passing first time.

How do I know if my English is B1 level?
If you do not know your level, take our online test on this website. However, the B1 test is for speaking and listening and you may need some improvement in these 2 skills. Please speak to one of our tutors and make an appointment, for an accurate assessment of your level. Sample B1 Speaking Test Video

Can I use an old B1 level qualification if I am already in England on a visa?
The Home Office have advised that, in some cases, older qualifications are still valid. 

I have IELTS. Is this valid for Citizenship?
The IELTS for UKVI and IELTS life skills are valid but they are only valid for two years.

I have an EMDQ B1 Qualification. Can I apply for leave to remain with this?
The following English B1 qualifications are accepted by the Home Office:-

An ESOL qualification at Entry 3 or higher.
An ESOL qualification at Scottish Qualifications Framework levels 4, 5 or 6 awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and taken in Scotland EMDQ qualifications is on the OFQUAL register (Qualification Number: 600/7040/7).  Going by this UKVI criterion, (ILR) or British Citizenship can be applied for with an EMDQ B1 ESOL certificate. However, all four modules must be passed, (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

Here is the link to the OFQUAL register which gives details of courses.


How much time does it take to get B1 test result?
Once you have taken the B1 test you will receive the results within 10-14 days.

Can I request my certificate to be delivered quicker?
You can pay an additional fee for the premium/emergency service, you will then receive your certificate within 5 days.

Why choose English College London?
We teach English by using tasks that reflect real life and are relevant to each individual test. Our tutors are highly qualified and have experience as examiners as well as a proven track record of success. 

Common Acronyms/Abbreviations
LRN-Learning Resource Network
ILR-Indefinite Leave to Remain
NOCN-National Open College Network
UKVI-United Kingdom Visa and Immigration
UKBA-United Kingdom Border Agency
CEFR-Common European Framework Reference
ESOL-English for Speakers of other Languages
SELT-Secure English Language Testing System
EMDQ-Environmental Monitoring Data Quality


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